AMC Theaters is one of the world’s largest theater chains. Despite their status as one, they’ve decided on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 that they’re no longer going to screen “Universal” films.  According to and their entertainment division; “AMC Theatres will no longer screen Universal’s films following comments by NBC/Universal CEO Jeff Shell that the studio plans to release more films day-and-date both theatrically and on video-on-demand.” The move is in direct response to NBC/Universal CEO Jeff Shell and his actions.  Apparently this is due to his decision to release their latest film; Trolls: World Tour on premium VOD instead of theaters.

Jeff Shrell also mentions; “it could herald a permanent change in how Universal Pictures releases its movies.” says  Although a move frowned upon by theater chains such as AMC the move proved beneficial for the studio.  In regards to the on-demand rentals is made $100 million in its first three weeks allowing the studio to profit more than expected.  The National Association of Theater Owners thinks of this as the wrong move as well. The quotes  NATO president and CEO John Fithian as he mentions; “Universal does not have reason to use unusual circumstances in an unprecedented environment as a springboard to bypass true theatrical releases.” he also goes on to mention how immersive the theater is as an experience.

With the state that the world much less Hollywood is in now, there’s truth to both sides of this dispute.  Only time will tell how things would pan for both Universal and AMC Theaters and the entire movie-going experience as a whole.