Get ready for a return to Pandora! This time, it’s not just Pandora we will see when “Avatar 2” launches into theaters late next year, but all new parts of the world beyond Pandora. According to the official Twitter page of Avatar, these new ‘concept art’ images show a much bigger and expansive world than the world audiences have seen in the first Avatar film in 2009. These new concept art images show vast, new, wide-open areas from the shoreline to the beaches. “Avatar” has been the reigning box office champion for almost ten years with a hefty worldwide box office gross of $2.79 Billion dollars until “Avengers: End Game” released in April of 2019 to dethrone the king with it’s own $2.798 Billion box office total.  Check out the images below and see for yourself the wonders that Avatar can bring to the big screen.

“Avatar 2” opens on December 17th, 2021.

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