For the past year and a half Sony has been silent about their next piece of Hardware, the Playstation 5. Just this pass month Sony has held a live showcase displaying the specs of their next hardware. Although not much was shown or said about how it would look on the outside. Although, on the evening of April 7th, 2020 Sony has just unveiled the look of their new controller. As well as the name, as the dub it; The “Dualsense” controller. Here’s how it looks:

The news comes from; as they discuss their reasoning behind the design of the controller. Hideaki Nishino senior Vice President of platform planning and management states; “We wanted everyone in the PlayStation community to get a first look at the “DualSense” wireless controller, and hear our vision for how the new controller will captivate more of your senses as you interact with the virtual worlds in PS5 games.” This gives a sense that their giving a certain level of care to their hardware and design.
Nishino also mentions; “We had a great opportunity with PS5 to innovate by offering game creators the ability to explore how they can heighten that feeling of immersion through our new controller. This is why we adopted haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud.’’
This is exiting news for the company as they’ve been extremely silent in regards to this. With the knowledge of the holy likely hood of the PS5 launching this holiday season, expect more news as things inch closer to that time frame.

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